Sorchi Games

Sorchi Games is based in the north of Sweden and is the name I use when designing games and other related creative work. I am interested in weird phenomenons related to randomness, metaphysical RPGs, existential card games, artistic fringe game design, and generally, the darker aspects of humanity, history, and myth turned into fun games.

You can get my products at DriveThruCards, DriveThruRPG, and TheGameCrafter. Click the pics below (the newest products at the top) to go directly to their respective page - with info and prize.

I also have a Spreadshirt if you are looking for cool t-shirts with, for example, pixel art. EU store and US store.

Places of Prayer
and Despair
The Blessed Doom That Walks
The Icons of Scourge
All Hail the Necrotoad
A Piece of Rotten Fish
Parasite is My Name. Infection is My Game
Tomb of the Screaming Snakes
Sacred Parasites
Quirky Skeletons Stock Art
Aztec Melee Weapons Art Pack
The Castle of Sanguine Blight
The Tower of the Ice Lich
Uchronicle Warfront 2046