Another machinima based on my fascination of loop structures within the context of computergames, from 2011. This one using material from the acclaimed game Mass Effect 2 showing the default male headcharacter John Shepard in conversation with one of the other team members; Thane Krios. I have been interested in loop systems within computergames since I played Planescape: Torment in 2000.

Besides the loops contained in the dialogue trees there was especially one thing that I remember clearly. On one of streets there were a couple of actors playing out a scene, a confrontation and the settlement of that confrontation that in turn lead to another confrontation. The entire scene was formulated as a loop i.e. confrontation leads to settlement that leads to the same confrontation that started the entire conversation. The brilliant thing is that is not presented in the obvious way that certain dialogue trees are formulated. Instead the specific context of being played out by street actors turned the entire experience of something traditional within a dialogue dominated game into an interesting artistic experiment that I could imagine to see in real life. There is something in seeing loops that in turn leads to an awareness of human behaviour, especially in conversations and other actions that can be overtaken by habits. I would consider awareness as an antidote towards stagnation. Loops are interesting in that way. As a reminder.