Man Conquers Nature

This work from 2007 is based on the american conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth's work "Four Colors Four Words" from 1966. For Kosuth the task of art is to constantly question its own essence, in extensive analyses, to contribute to the clarification of the question of what art is. Art can then, according to Kosuth therefore not contain any statements about fact, external to art. This is a theory that Kosuth been very criticized for and a theory that I in general do not sympathize with. However I am very interested in Kosuths neonworks, for example "Four Colors Four Words" and "A Four Color Sentence"(1965), that Kosuth started to work with in the middle of the sixties. These works are represented as objects exactly as the verbal information says.

It was the discovery of these works that was the starting point of "Man Conquers Nature".

"Man Conquers Nature" is constructed as a box of plexiglas. On the inside of the front part of the box a proteinbased nutritionsolution has been applied in such a way that the solution spells out the words "MAN CONQUERS NATURE". The nutrionsolution is in its original state transperent. In the solution I then planted spores of the mouldspecies Aspergillus that for example grows on bread. The rest of the inside is painted with alcohol to prevent the mould from expanding. With a regular sparse application of moist, the mould developed mycelium in the nutritionsolution. This made the words "MAN CONQUERS NATURE" visible.

Joseph Kosuth, "Four Colors Four Words" (1966)

"Man Conquers Nature", 50x15x20 cm, plexiglas, mould.