Everyday Multiverse

A soundwork from 2009 based on two monologues presented by artificial voices about the state of the multiverse. The text below is the two monologues in written form divided according to the soundwork:

"It is hypothetically true that all of reality consist of a set of multiple possible universes, which also includes our own. This reality is called the multiverse. All structures within the multiverse, which means from the multiverse itself down to the nature of each universe and the relationships between these, are based on the specific multiverse hypothesis considered.

I'm running through a snow-covered forest in the night. Even if I’m naked I don’t feel the cold and I never run out of breath. The light from the moon makes the snow sparkle and the only sounds is my fast breathing, the feet moving through the snow and the wind against my ears. I’m running over a small stream and up on a hill. On the way I startle a hare that runs out in the stream. I chase after it, I catch it and then I bite it. There is a taste of blood in my mouth.

Modal realism is one hypothetical philosophical position about the multiverse that states that possible worlds are a way of explaining probability. Its philosophers, such as David Lewis, believe that all possible worlds exist, and are just as real as the actual world.

In the 48 dimension there exist a group of creatures called hubbalites. When they reveal themselves in our world they are manifested as humanoid, two dimensional dinosaur skeletons that fold in and out of our perception. They treat me a typical hubbalistic candy. It’s a square shaped six-legged spider, with two legs each on three sides and eyes and mouth on the fourth. To my horror it’s still alive and the hubbalites explain that it’s supposed to tickle you in the throat on the way down. A physical feeling is for them an exotic pleasure.

The human perception of the multiverse is therefore limited by the aspect of imagination and the language we have for describing it. Consider this then: if the limit of our perception of the multiverse is based on imagination and language, are not examples of different universes already present in the consciousness of the human race? Every product of our imagination should then be considered real, but in other universes.

I’m flying one meter above a beach and its night. The sea is on the right and there are cliffs on the left. All over the place there grows dog-rose bushes and high dry grass. The only sources of light are the full moon, its reflection in the sea and the hundreds of light flies flying all around me. I’m carrying a crucifix around my neck and I’m on the way to the summer camp. In my delirium the summer camp became transformed into the Paradise.

The ability to be a visitor to different universes is therefore always constant and has always been. But this only if you consider our imagination as a gateway into another kind of realism. The closest we have today in experiencing different realities through technology are virtual worlds. Every time a user logs in to virtual world they are partaking of a different universe.

I’m standing at Diana’s grave inside a grove just beside a deserted and decayed house. I'm somewhere in a big city and in the horizon I can see a large bridge and skyscrapers. All of it equally deserted and decayed as the house. From my shoulder bag I extract a small bottle and pour its contents on her grave. She rises from the grave and her eyes are so alive. Suddenly something disappears in them and she starts to rot. Her body collapses and turn to ashes.

But even if our senses tell us otherwise we are conscious that these worlds are simulations and not the actual thing. This insight will stop us from experiencing the virtual worlds with the same catharsis that we can use in this reality. There is only one method of visiting different universes, which we use today, where we cannot distinguish the things we experience there from things we experience in reality.

I discover that the greatest truth ever known will be revealed to me if everyone in the world is dead besides me. This truth is so important that I decide to kill the entire human race. I do this individually and person after person dies by knife, gun, poison or strangulation. When the humans die by my hand the world starts to shrink. The universe, the sun, the planets, the continents disappear and the only thing left is a giant medieval castle without windows and exits. Mad after my bloodbath I roam this castle, until the day I cut myself on a rusty nail and die of blood poisoning. My soul glides through the wall to the afterlife. Imagine a totally hollow upside-down mesoamerican pyramid and in the bottom is the castle. There are an almost endless number of steps up to the surface and every step is full of people I killed. They are sitting there naked and screams madly, soaked in their own whitish shit. It’s like a seagull colony. I'm crawling in what feels like an eternity up to the unknown surface. The stench is overpowering, the shit is everywhere and their screams are almost making me deaf. When I finally emerge to the surface I'm staring on a typical middleclass suburb with its small lawns neatly cut. But everything, even the sky and the trees are in different nuances of red and purple. There is not a single human present and the silence is total. This is the afterlife for the rich.

It is dreams that have the ability in fooling ordinary people to believe that the simulated reality, the dream, is the true reality. Therefore are dreams the oldest and for now the best way of visiting different universes within the multiverse."

A relevant comment about the soundwork. The male voice(italic texts) retells some of my own dreams.