My name is Carl-Erik Engqvist and I am a contemporary artist with a modest background in theology and philosophy. I have a Master in Fine Arts from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts (graduated in 2009).

I started out with painting, went over to sculpture and during my last years at the academy I got interested in new media art, focusing on artificial intelligence, robotics, nano-, and biotechnology, games and virtual worlds. For a couple of years, I investigated the intersection between spirituality and advanced technology, seen from both contemporary reality and a speculative future perspective. In this context I experimented with creating hybrids and meetings between spirituality, the sacred, and different forms of technology.

I usually call the above my pretentious period.

As an avid gamer and RPG player since childhood, I always loved and understood the multi-faceted artistic potential of games, but I never dared to go deeper into the process of creating them. However, I started to see that there was something deeply existential when you create or play a game. The continuous recreation of myths and sagas, the game as a playful tool for investigating destiny, fate, roles and other more mundane aspects of the human existence. I have no idea where this investigation will lead me - but there is something in games that has not been reveled to me yet.

Today I rather make a game than have an exhibition.

I currently work as the Artist Director of Humlab, an interdisciplinary digital humanities laboratory at Umeå University (Sweden), where I on a regular basis collaborate with various professionals from the art world, the technical sector and academia.

It is fun, but I prefer RPGs.